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Richards and Cumberland are Co-Hosting Movie Night!

Movie Night is SOLD OUT! We’re looking forward to watching A Very Awesome Movie with our friends from Cumberland on Thursday, February 14th at 6pm. We can’t actually tell you the title of the movie because of licensing rules, but, *wink wink* we think you can figure it out. If you bought tickets to Movie Night, you don’t need to bring proof of your ticket purchase to the theater, someone from the PTO will be there to confirm your order. Questions? Email Susan.


Purchase your 2018-2019 Richards School Yearbook

Yearbooks go on sale Thursday, February 14th. All orders are due by March 7th.

Yearbooks will be delivered to school and sent home with students no later than June 7th. Wondering if you ordered a Yearbook at Registration? You didn't! This is the first time this school year Yearbooks are available for purchase.
Are you a Room Parent? Don't forget to order a yearbook for your child's teacher. Check the Teacher Gift Ideas form they filled out at the start of the year to see if they would like one. Yearbooks for teachers come out of class gift funds. If purchasing a yearbook presents a financial hardship for your family, a copy will be made available to your child free of charge on behalf of the Richards PTO. Please contact Stephanie Haupt in the Richards Main Office (414) 963-3951

Questions about anything Yearbook related? Email Kristin:


Hunger Task Force Food Drive

Please join the Richards 3rd Graders and PTO in "sharing the love" by bringing as many non-perishable food items to school from February 11th to March 1st. We are running our Valentine's Food Drive through February and hoping to restock the Hunger Task Force after the holidays and cold days. We need your help as Richards is typically one of the largest school donors of food to the Hunger Task Force. Join us in a friendly competition between the Richards classes and bring as many items as possible to school between February 11th and March 1st!

If you have any questions, please contact co-chair Allison Wagner.

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High Interest Day Returns to Richards School!

Do you have a talent or hobby you would like to share with Richards' students? Maybe you really love your job, or you play an instrument or used to be a mime in college. Maybe you make the best turkey sandwiches. Chances are, if you're passionate about something, there is a child at Richards who shares your passion. High Interest Day (HID) is your chance to share your talents with our students!

HID volunteers will need to be at school on Wednesday, April 24th from 12pm-3:05pm. The afternoon will be split into three 30-minute sessions, and each volunteer will be responsible for sharing their talents with 3 different groups of children. In order to make the event successful we will need 22 adults willing to share their time and enthusiasm.

Sign up to be a VIP (Very Interesting Person) at Richards High Interest Day, Wednesday May 24th. To sign up, tell us all about yourself.

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Lego Club...2nd Grade...You're Up Next!

The registration deadline for 2nd Grade Lego Club is January 30, 2019.

2nd Grade Lego Club dates are:

  • February 6

  • February 13

  • February 20

  • February 27

Lego Club is an extracurricular activity run by the Richards PTO. The club is open to students in grades K5 through 5th grade. Lego Club meets on Wednesday afternoons from 3:05 to 4:00 in Room 5. Students will be dismissed from their classrooms to Lego Club. Unless prior arrangements are made, parents are expected to pick their child up from Lego Club at 4:00. Room 5 is located on the bottom floor of Richards on the Great Hall side of the building. Please enter the school though the office, and use the stairwell across the hall and to the left of the office. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, turn right. Room 5 is on the left-hand side of the hall after the bank of lockers.

Parent volunteers are also needed! Click on the link here if you are interested in signing up to volunteer for your child's grade level Lego Club session!

Questions? Ask Lego Club Co-Chair Allison Roth.


Box Top Fun!

It's time for some Box Top fun! Please start marking your child's grade on your Box Top collection sheet or collection bag for a fun classroom contest. We'll be tallying up classroom totals and the winning grade will earn a popsicle party at the end of the year! Please turn in large collections by February 27 for a scheduled submission on March 1st; we will, however, keep total through early May with the ongoing collection for the contest! Box Tops may be turned in with your student's folder or dropped off outside the office in the collection bin. Students can be listening for updates on announcements and watching the tally board outside the office! Let's have some fun while we clip! Questions? Contact Kristen or Lindy.


If you missed registration, or were at registration but didn't stop by the PTO table, don't worry! Joining the PTO is easy. Click here to get started. 

Amazon Smile 

Get your shopping done and support your favorite elementary school, all at once. When you make a purchase on Amazon, make sure you're shopping for Richards. For complete instructions, and more information on the Smile program, click here

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