The Goings On

It's that frigid time of year again! Students will have recess outdoors so long as the wind chill remains above zero. Please make sure your child has adequate snow gear! The clinic has a variety of hats, jackets, snow pants, gloves, and boots for the students to borrow if they forget theirs at home. While the students are good about remembering to return what they borrowed at the end of the school day, sometimes they forget. So, here's how you can help: if an unfamiliar article of clothing comes home with your child, remind them to return it to the clinic. Overrun by mittens? Donate cold weather gear to our school! Bring donations to the clinic, or call (414) 962-6810.

When the weather is cold and damp, the Richards hallways wind up smelling like hundreds of pairs of musty snow pants. It's unpleasant. Please do the teachers and staff a solid and remind your kids to bring their gear home at least once a week to be washed. 

Snow days happen. Learn more about our school district's weather related guidelines for cancelling school.


The second box top submission for the school year is complete, and we've counted the class totals. The winning class of the popcorn party is Mrs. Vollmer's K5 class!  Congrats to the students on earning a special treat, and thank you parents for all of the response. We hope the kids will enjoy their party!

We'll continue collecting throughout the remainder of the school year, so keep on clipping. Thank you!

Richards Lego Club

The Richards L Club meets Wednesdays from 3:20-4:15 pm for the remainder of the school year. Please visit the Richards L Club website for more information

Check the Lego Club website for more information on meeting location and lots of great pictures of Richards Master Builders in action. Fifth Grade Lego Club is currently in session, meeting dates are as follows: 3/08/17, 3/15/17, 4/05/17, 4/12/17. K5 Lego Club begins Wednesday, May 19th. The registration deadline for K5 is April 17th. Click here to register, you will be redirected to the Richards L Club website. Interested in volunteering to help the kids with their Lego creations? Lego Club needs you!

Spring really is coming. Really, we promise. Order forms for the Spring Plant Sale will be sent home in Thursday Folders shortly after Spring Break. Orders will be available for pickup at Green Day in the Bay on Saturday, May 6th. All proceeds benefit the Richards PTO, thank you for your support!

The yearbook committee is looking for a few volunteers to take pictures of classroom activities and/or field trips. Already have pictures? We'd love those as well! Please contact Allison at if you have high-resolution photos you'd like to share, or if you'd like to volunteer for future events.

Amazon Smile 

Get your shopping done and support your favorite elementary school, all at once. When you make a purchase on Amazon, make sure you're shopping for Richards. For complete instructions, and more information on the Smile program, click here

Last, But Not Least...

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