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If you missed registration, or were at registration but didn't stop by the PTO table, don't worry! Joining the PTO is easy. Click here to get started. 


School Picture Day is Thursday, September 20th. This photo session is for students who did not have their picture taken at in-person registration. Order forms were sent home in this week’s Thursday Folder and should be returned to your child’s teacher by September 20th. Orders can also be placed online through the VIP website: Email


Order forms for Fall Fun Lunch will be sent home in this week’s Thursday Folder and should be returned to your child’s teacher by September 28th. This year Fun Lunch will be catered by California Pizza Kitchen. Need another copy of the order form? We got you. Don’t forget to fill out a separate order form for each child participating in the Fun Lunch program. Remember, each order form equals that many fewer lunches you have to make. High-five! Mark your calendars: The first Fall Fun Lunch is Friday, October 19th.

Questions? Email Fun Lunch Chairs Amy Mulcahy or Moria Leonhardt.



Box Tops For Education

Welcome back! It's time to start turning in the box tops you collected over the summer months! Here is some basic information for new parents and friendly reminders for all: Please send your box tops in with your child, or place them in the collection bin located outside of the school office. You can use a ziplock bag, envelope, or any old or new collection sheet. Expired box tops will not be counted, the expiration date should be visible, and cleanly clipped box tops are much appreciated. Each box top is worth $0.10, and they really add up quickly! You can double the value of each box top by downloading the box tops bonus app, and scanning your grocery receipts containing participating products. A full participating product list can be found on the Box Tops 4 Education website. 

All of your hard work last year earned over $1,200 for Richards School! Thank you so much, we're looking forward to another successful year! Please turn in box tops by Monday, October 29th to be included in our first submission. Questions? Email Box Top Chairs Lindy Utley or Kristen Pavlik.

K4 Welcome Arch

 Last year's K4 kids are welcomed in to the school by the 5th graders

Last year's K4 kids are welcomed in to the school by the 5th graders

On Friday, September 7th the entire 5th grade class will welcome our incoming K4 students to Richards by creating a "welcome arch" for the K4 kids as they enter the building for their first official day of school. This will take place outside Door 1, where the K4 students line up, at 8:00am & 12:00pm.

At the end of the school year the K4 kids return the gesture and create an arch for the 5th graders as they leave the building on their last day of school. This is a long standing tradition at our school and comes from the Japanese practice of nyugakushiki or Entrance Ceremony. In Japan new students are welcomed into their school and paraded through the halls while senior students sing and applaud. It's a wonderful Richards tradition. Bring a camera and a kleenex!

A New Logo for Richards School!

This summer the PTO worked with an online graphic design company to create a new logo for Richards School. The designs were initially vetted with Richards Staff, narrowing the options down to three. The three design options were then displayed at registration, and Richards students were given the opportunity to choose their favorite design. Design number three was the clear favorite, bringing in 270 votes out of the 454 total votes received. The PTO Spirit Wear Committee is hard at work getting our new line of Spirit Wear together for Richards students and their families to show off their Richards Pride!


The official school logo is the one featured at the top. Spirit wear will be available with all four logo options. New spirit wear coming soon!

Meet Inseo Yoon!

As part of the logo redesign process, the PTO reached out to former Richards student Inseo Yoon. She created the tiger logo the school has used for the last eight years. We wanted to know a little bit about her, her design, and what she remembers about her time spent at Richards School. Inseo is entering her senior of high school and is living in Michigan with her family. Here’s what she had to say:

Richards PTO: What grade were you in when you drew the school logo? Was is part of a contest or some other project?  

Inseo: I was in fourth grade. I remember my art teacher at the time, Mrs. Miller, just came up to me one day and asked if I wanted to draw the mascot and I got to work as soon as I went home! 

Richards PTO: How did you come up with the design?

Inseo: The basics were already there for me- our school's mascot was a tiger wearing the Richard's 'R'-so I think what I did was try to put my own touch in it and incorporate my own style.

Richards PTO: What are some of your favorite Richards memories?

Inseo: I've always liked art class- I remember I was a part of the junior art docents program as well. I actually still have a love of art and continue to draw, so when my mom told me the school was still using my drawing I made as an elementary schooler and I looked on the website and saw it, I have to say that I was mortified at first that my old art had come back to haunt me with all its crookedness and wonky proportions but nevertheless proud that it was used that long! I also loved being in the orchestra- there was one day where we all switched instruments and taught each other how to play each of our instruments! I played viola then (I still do) and I'm part of an orchestra here in Upper Michigan. I loved all of my teachers and still remember all the friends I made at Richards.

Richards PTO: Since you’re a senior this year, do you know where you would like to go to school and what you might like to study?

Inseo: I'm currently applying to colleges- University of Michigan Ann Arbor is the school I'm sure I want to apply early to. I would also like to try applying to several Ivy Leagues as well later on. As for what I want to study, I don't have any exact majors in mind, but I want to go further into the sciences like biology. I am also trying to find a way to incorporate art as well so I'm looking out for things like dual major programs. 

Richards PTO: Thank you for your art work, and for being willing to share your memories. From all of us at Richards School, we wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors!

Inseo: Thank you for contacting me about the logo change and the project. It brought back a lot of great memories when I got to look through all of my old photos and yearbooks. It was really fun to participate! 


Art for Youth Volunteers Needed

Many classrooms are still in need of an Art For Youth volunteer for the school year. Art For Youth (AFY) is a PTO-sponsored program that exposes Richards students across each grade level to a variety of artists and works of art. This program exists only with the help of parent volunteers - NO experience or background in art is necessary!!!

As an AFY volunteer, you will present 4 pre-selected works of art and some information about the artist to your child’s classroom spaced across the 2018-19 school year! (Note:  K4 has just two works each year). AFY sessions are 15-20 minutes with plenty of time built in for student input, ideas and questions. You may schedule these sessions at the convenience of you and the classroom teacher. AFY is a great way to get involved, connect with your child’s class and brush up on your art dialogue. AND the kids love it! If you are interested, please contact Abby Jakowski  and she will let you know if your child's class has a need. Thank you! 


2018 Summer Campus Clean Up

Enormous thanks to the DeLucenay family, Kristen and Brynn Pavlik, Erin and Charlotte Jelenchick, Clair Anderson, and Alexis Camacho for all their hardworking this morning cleaning up the Richards campus in 1000% humidity. You guys are rockstars! 


2018 Richards Campus Clean Up THIS SUNDAY!

Help the PTO get the Richards Campus looking great for the start of another school year. For those of you who have helped out at previous clean ups, I have excellent news: no mulch this year! Every 5 years the district mulches our campus and this year is a district mulch year. YAY! So good news, no mulch, but there are a lot of weeds. All the weeds. And they all need pulling. Bring your gardening gloves, weeding forks/dandelion pullers/whatever garden tools you want and let's get to work! Click HERE to sign up. Thank you for your help! Questions? Email Susan.




School Supply Lists

School supply lists for the 2018-2019 school year are available on the district’s Richards School website, or by clicking here

If you decide to purchase your supplies through Amazon, don’t forget to shop Amazon Smile, your purchases will help support the Richards PTO. For more information about the Smile program, click here

Happy shopping! 

Amazon Smile 

Get your shopping done and support your favorite elementary school, all at once. When you make a purchase on Amazon, make sure you're shopping for Richards. For complete instructions, and more information on the Smile program, click here

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