Committees & Chairs

Does your child come home from school excited to tell you about Fun Lunch, or practicing their class song for Festival of Lights? Did you have a great time at Movie Night or find something new to read at the Book Fair? You have these amazing PTO members to thank. Committees and their Chairs make up the majority of the working body of our PTO. They are responsible for all the fun events during the school year, as well as the behind the scenes work of creating the Buzz Book, fundraising, teacher appreciation, and yes, even weeding our campus. PTO committees are broken into three groups, the Executive Board, Ways and Means Committees, and Student Enrichment Committees. The Executive Board is the governing body of the PTO, Ways and Means committees are responsible for raising funds to support PTO projects and events, and Student Enrichment Committees are responsible for organizing and running PTO funded events and projects. 


Ways and Means Committees

Ways and Means committees are responsible for raising funds to support PTO projects and events. 

2018-2019 Ways and Means Committees and Chairs

Book Fair: Carrie Oswald, Amy Sarnowski, Jen Willems

Admirals: Wendy Welsh, Aine McMenamin-Johnson, Becky Valcq

Festival of Lights: Mary Kathryn Malaney

Box Tops: Kristen Pavlik , Lindy Utley

Spirit Wear: Kristi Entwistle

Fun Lunch: Moria Leonhardt, Amy Mulcahy

Movie Night: 

Plant Sale: Susan Stadtmueller, Sarah Nowak

School Photos/Year Book: Kristin Sherman

Classroom Library Book Drive: Sarah Nowak, Susan Stadtmueller

Ways and Means Committee Descriptions

Book Fair: Two book fairs per school year: 4 day commitment in the fall for 1st Book Fair. 1 day commitment in spring for 2nd Book Fair. Additional 6 hours to coordinate fair and volunteers.

Box Tops: Coordinate collection and submission of box tops. Duties from Aug through June. Commitment: 1hour per month.

Fun Lunch: Coordinate lunches brought in from outside vendors twice/month throughout the year for K5-5th grades; chair persons needed to organize meetings, collecting/sorting order forms, data management, ordering/purchasing food from vendors; overseeing set up, clean up and volunteers on day of fun lunch. Total time commitment 30 hours per chairperson per year.

PTO Membership: Promote PTO membership. Coordinate and oversee membership table at Registration and Open House. Total Commitment 20 hours. Primarily August through October.

Buzz Book: Update student list, contact office for updates, integrate student artwork, coordinate 6 volunteers as proof-readers, coordinate printing with local print shop, and distribute completed books. Total time in fall: 40 hours.

Plant Sale: Communicate, coordinate, and execute plant sale in late spring. Organize and support pick-ups of products. Recruit volunteers. Coordinate with vendor. 20 hours in spring.

School Photos/Yearbook-Creative: Coordinate and execute picture day/retakes and create Richards yearbook, take photos (recruit parents to attend PTO events and shoot photos), hands-on proofing, coordinate service photo trips, promote sales and distribute.

School Photos/Yearbook-Publicity/Finance: Oversee publicity for photos and yearbook in the principle letter and fliers; coordinate order forms and reconcile payments. Collect order forms, deliver yearbooks, and coordinate with the teachers.

Sportswear: Coordinate and manage sales and distribution of Richard sportswear on both in person registration days in August and throughout the school year. 2 to 4 hours of planning/ordering/delivering items during August and September. (Printer does the majority of the work as far as taking ALL the order forms, tallying and then movie at Richards. Biannual coffee sale. Total commitment 20 hours (10 per sale).

Movie Night: Promote movie, organize food, popcorn, etc. Total hours 5 hours night of movie.

Admirals Night: Distribute order forms, tally orders, distribute tickets to teachers. 1-2 hours of work.

Student Enrichment Committees

Student Enrichment Committees are responsible for organizing and running PTO funded events and projects.

2017-2018 Student Enrichment Committees and Chairs

5th Grade Advancement: Beth Wagner, Erin Jelenchick, Amy Goldstein

5th Grade Theater: 

Art for Youth: Abby Jakowski

Beautification: Susan Stadtmueller

Clinic Crew: Adrienne Grunau

Cultural Arts: Aine McMenamin-Johnson, Sarah Nowak

Family Fun Night: Jessica Wintheiser, Beth Wagner, Susan Stadtmueller

Hunger Task Force: Mary Kathryn Malaney, Abby Williams, Allison Wagner, Brenda Napierala

Junior Great Books: 

Lego Club: Allison Roth

Lego Robotics: Mariya Lazebnik

Milk and Cookies/Newcomers: Darcie Hartford, Jill Fink, Angela Burke

PTO Mail: Mary Kathryn Malaney

Scholarship: Patti Girzadas

School Board Liaison: Susan Stadtmueller and Sarah Nowak

Staff Appreciation: Abby Williams, Mary Kathryn Malaney

PBIS: Alison Pardi

Donuts for Dudes: Susan Stadtmueller

STEM Programming:


Chess Club:

High Interest Day:

Student Enrichment Committee Descriptions

Scholarship: Serve on a committee to select a WFBHS student to receive the PTO scholarship (2 meetings in Spring). Attend meetings and report to PTO presidents. 10 hours from March to May.

WFB School Board Liaison: Represent Richards PTO at designated Meetings. Attend meetings and report to PTO presidents.

Cultural Arts: Plan and schedule cultural arts activities for students in conjunction with Richards' Principal and staff; commitment of 5 hours monthly.

PTO Nomination: Distributes PTO volunteer form to all Richards families. Collects forms, enters all volunteer information in a spreadsheet, and is responsible for making sure all chair positions are filled. 10 hours monthly; majority of the work during the months of February through June.

Art for Youth: Present reproductions of famous art to classroom four times per year. Orientation provided in fall; a fun opportunity to spend a little time in your child's classroom. No art education required. Chair is responsible for coordinating volunteers for each grade level from a list of loyal volunteers and distributing materials.

Beautification: Improve and sustain school grounds throughout the year. Occasional outdoor work ~1 hour weekly when weather cooperates. Annual group weeding effort 8 hour day in August.

Family Fun Night: Schedule in conjunction with Book Fair, activities may include entertainment; fall activity.

Clinic Crew: Assist the Richards Clinic staff with ordering and maintaining supplies and arranging volunteers as needed. Commitment: 10 hours total from September through June.

Festival of Lights: Work with school staff to coordinate the Festival of Lights program in December. Grade Coordinator(s) will work with chairs to oversee production of a designated grade. Must be available for both FOL shows, Kids for Kids show, and all rehearsals.

Earth Team: Coordinate planning meeting mid-February, delegate duties among volunteers. April during Earth Week (Walk to school day signs, Earth week school meeting speaker, Bulletin board decoration, Earth Day lunch), organize Earth Day lunch (distribute and collect order forms, input data into spreadsheet, volunteer time during Earth Day lunch. 20 hours total from February through April.

Fifth Grade Advancement: Plan activities for 5th graders in Spring; planning starts in February with events occurring last 2 weeks of the school year. Works in conjunction with Movie Night Chair in helping Fifth Graders organize Movie Night concessions. 

Fifth Grade Theater: Coordinate 5th grade plays: correspond with teachers; schedule play; organize event; coordinate parent volunteers; send invitations; coordinate directors; oversee production of plays. 20 hours per month in March, April, and May. Production is in May.

Junior Great Books: Coordinate this elective program that involves group story discussion of books with 3rd-5th graders over lunch hour. Meets weekly for 8 weeks beginning in January.

Lego Club: Arrange club schedule, organize parent volunteers, maintain supplies, oversee student participants, market and announce the club. 4 hours per month.

Milk and Cookies/Newcomers: Welcome new families to Richards School. Coordinates all aspects of the Meet and Greet Ice Cream Social Night (August) and hosts Milk and Cookies event for incoming kindergarteners (May). Commitment 10 hours in August and September plus 2 hours per month thereafter.

PTO Mail: Coordinate 4 volunteers plus yourself for collecting PTO mail daily (20 min time commitment) from each classroom. 2 hours coordination time plus 30 min weekly. From Sept through June.

Staff Appreciation Week: Meet with Co-chair, coordinate volunteers, assign volunteers to activities, promote the week, collect donations and $, shop for items, assemble gift baskets and deliver to staff. Commitment: 10 hours from February through May.

Spring Sing: Determine themes, arrange for reader/entertainer and refreshments for spring program for incoming K4-1st grades. Program in the Spring.

Third Grade Hunger Task Force Dinner: Plan Hunger Task Force Dinner Menu, purchase/order food for dinner, coordinate and instruct all student volunteers, promote event, distribute dinner form, collect forms and payment, and run event. Coordinate with 3rd grade teachers for school-wide food drives, register with HTF, pick up boxes from HTF, and assist in promotion of food drive. Commitment: 12 hours for dinner plus 5 hours in Nov and 5 hours in Dec for food drive.