PTO Executive Board

2018-2019 PTO Executive Board Members

To email any of the Executive Board Members, please click on their name. The PTO meets once a month, meeting dates and minutes are available here.

Co-Presidents: Sarah Nowak and Susan Stadtmueller

Co-Treasurers: Erin Jelenchick and Katie Barry

Secretary: Frances Almeida

Co-Communications: Sarah Nowak and Susan Stadtmueller

Membership/BuzzBook: Leah Schneider

Room Parent Coordinator: Mary Kathryn Malaney

Executive Board Roles and Responsibilities

President/Co-President: The President of the PTO works closely with the Executive Board and Committee Chairs to determine the yearly budget, oversee fundraising and spending, and schedule and plan PTO events. The President sets the agenda and presides at the monthly meetings and coordinates the PTO's goals, events and activities with the school Principal and district. 

Vice President: The Vice President assists the President as needed and shadows the President in preparation for advancing to the Presidency the following year. A co-presidency is an option for the role, as it is with any of the PTO Executive or Committee Positions.  

Treasurer and Co-Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for all book keeping and financial records including creating the annual budget and filing the annual tax return. The Treasurer reports the monthly financial results to the PTO board. The Co-Treasurer is responsible for collection/deposit and disbursements of monies for all PTO related business. The Co-Treasurer also has primary responsibility of coordinating the annual special disbursement process.

Secretary: The Secretary attends all PTO meetings, takes attendance and notes and publishes the minutes to the PTO following the meetings.

Communications: The Communications Chair is responsible for administration and maintenance of Richards PTO web presence. This includes creating and updating content for both the PTO Website and Facebook page. The Communications Chair works with the Administrative Secretary to approve all communication sent out on behalf of the Richards PTO in the Thursday Folder.     

Membership/BuzzBook: Responsible for strategizing, planning, and implementing activities that promote membership retention and growth. Plan and manage membership events in coordination with other board members and committee chairs. Maintain membership database.

Room Parent Coordinator: Assign room parents, conduct room parent orientation in September, coordinate staff meals during parent/teacher conferences, periodically obtain volunteers for school wide functions.