PTO Answers to FAQs

(If you're on a PTO Committee this info is for you)

ATTENDING PTO MEETINGS You're welcome to attend any and all PTO meetings, however you're not required to attend-with one exception. Please plan on attending the PTO meeting prior to your event date. For a list of meeting dates, click here. After your event please submit a Post Event Report to PTO Presidents Sarah Nowak and Susan Stadtmueller here

COMMUNICATIONS Anything you want included in the weekly Thursday newsletter emailed to parents, published on the PTO website (, posted to the Richards PTO Facebook page, or distributed as a hard copy in Thursday Folders must be submitted to Communications Chair Sarah Nowak, no later than the Monday of the week you want to be included in the Thursday newsletter. The PTO Communications Team reserves the right to edit your submissions for length, and clarity. You are responsible for the accuracy of your information. For more information about promoting your PTO event, click here

To email parents, please send an email to the Room Parent Chair, Mary Kathryn Malaney. She will forward it on to Room Parents for distribution. 

PTO Committee Chair Portal: this is a password protected page for Committee Chairs. If you forgot the password, or need assistance, email

COPYING Please use the copier in the main office to copy PTO material only. The copier is not available for PTO use during the following hours: 9-10 a.m. and 1:30–2:30 p.m. These times are posted in the copy room. There is a second copier in the Imagination Station on the second floor that you can use any time. 

CUSTODIANS Please email Brett Malcom, Head Custodian advance notice of any requirements for your event, such as the number of tables and/or chairs needed, and how you would like them set up.

GREAT HALL Contact Stephanie in the office to schedule an event in the Great Hall (or elsewhere).

MAIL SLOTS Classroom teachers have a mail slot in the copy room for mail that goes into the Thursday Folder. Do not put personal notes or mail in the mailboxes. Personal mail or flyers for all teachers should be given to the office staff to be placed in the teacher’s mailbox in the teacher’s lounge. All teachers, including the specials teachers, have mailboxes in the lounge.

TEACHER’S LOUNGE Please do not go into the teacher’s lounge or bring your child into the lounge. Any information that you want to provide to the teachers can be given to the office.

THURSDAYS FOLDER Any information distrbuted in Thursday Folders must be approved by the PTO Communications team. Please refer to the submission guidelines at the top of this page under Communications.  Copies must be made and distributed to teacher mailboxes by you, or by someone on your committee, by noon on Wednesday. The front office staff is not responsible for making or distributing PTO copies.  There is a list in the copy room of the total number of students in each class, as well as the youngest child in each class. You may choose to send copies home with every child in the school, or just with the youngest child in each family. If you choose to send a copy home with only the youngest child in the family, make sure to write the letter Y on a sticky note attached to the top of the stack of copies. This way, the person stuffing the Thursday folders knows the document is not going in every folder. 

TREASURER Detailed documentation is required for all PTO fundraising and spending; guidelines are provided in your committee folder. Check Request Forms, Deposit Forms, and Reimbursement Forms can be downloaded from the Richards Website (scroll down for commonly used forms) or found in the treasurer’s folder in the copy room drop file. Submit all forms with attached receipts to Co-Treasurer Katie Barry in the treasurer’s folder. Send questions and requests to

PTO CLOSET There is a PTO closet located on the garden/lower level where various items such signs and the popcorn machine are stored. The closet is locked and Stephanie keeps the key in her desk. The closet is a little tricky to find. It is on the garden/ground level in the OT/PT classroom (Room 7). Once inside the classroom, a door on the south wall leads to a small room 7D, a door in there, to the right is the closet.  For student privacy, we need to work around the schedule of OT/PT teachers and only go in the closet when they don't have a student in the OT/PT room. They will post their hours on their door (Room 7) and also with Stephanie in the office.

PTO MAIL Each committee has a drop folder in the PTO file box in the copy room attached to the main office. Please be sure to regularly check your PTO file folder for mail and other information.

Commonly Used PTO Committee Forms

There are two ways to submit treasurer forms, online, or by downloading a copy. To download a copy of the form click on the form name in orange.

Reimbursement Form

To request a check for reimbursement of an expense paid by a committee member, submit a completed Reimbursement Request form plus original or copies of receipt(s). Please have the Committee Chairperson authorize (sign) the reimbursement and submit within 30 days of the conclusion of an event or program. You can submit an online REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST form here.

Check Request

To request :

  • A check in advance to pay a vendor

  • That the treasurer mail a check to pay a bill

  • A check you can cash at your bank to fund a “Petty Cash Box”

...submit a completed Check Request form. Please provide at least 5 days notice if a check is needed. You can submit an CHECK REQUEST form here.

Deposit Form

When cash/checks are collected from a fundraising event or program, initiate a deposit by submitting a completed Deposit form with the corresponding records which support the deposit as soon as possible.

Please remember to indicate the amount of donations, if any, on the form.

Budget Sheet

All Committee Heads need to fill one of these forms out annually, usually at the end of the school year. One of the Executive Board members will let you know when you need to submit one. 

Special Disbursement Request

Do you have an idea that would enhance the learning environment of Richards School?  If so, the PTO wants to hear from you! Richards PTO sets aside money in its budget each year to fund unique items or projects which would benefit Richards School and/or its students. 

To request funding:

  1. Complete and submit the Disbursement Request Form by November 20, 2019.  You may submit an online version of the form here or print a paper copy here. Paper copies of the form should be placed in the Special Disbursement file in the main office copy room or sent to school with your child in an envelope marked “PTO Special Disbursements.”

  2. Your request will be reviewed and voted on (subject to available disbursement funds) at a PTO meeting on December 16, 2019

  3.  Forms must be submitted no later than November 20th.  The PTO board will consider all requests.  Fiscal Year ends June 30, 2019.

Disbursement requests are accepted, reviewed, and voted on just this one time during the school year. 

Please contact Special Disbursement Chairperson Abby Williams with any questions.

Disbursement Request Deadline: November 20, 2019

PTO Voting Meeting: December 16, 2018