Wednesday, April 24th is High Interest Day at Richards!

This PTO sponsored event brings together parents, friends, family and community members to our school to talk to our students about things they are interested in or passionate about. This might mean they talk about their career, or a special hobby. It gives the children the opportunity to learn about things outside the topics regularly covered in their classrooms.

Students in Grades 2-5 will have the opportunity to participate in THREE High Interest Day sessions:

  • Session 1: 12:50-1:20pm

  • Session 2: 1:30-2:00pm

  • Session 3: 2:10-2:40pm 

What about Grades K4-1?! Don't worry, they're participating too! The presenters for the lower grades were pre-selected based on subject matter and grade level appropriateness.

What do you need to do? Please take time to look over the session offerings below. Have your child(ren) in Grades 2-5, indicate their top 5 session choices. Every effort will be made to place your child(ren) in one or more of their top three session choices. Thank you for your understanding.

When and how do we register? Registration will be online, starting Monday, April 8th. To register, visit, the link to registration will be up on the homepage.

Every child must be registered using this method. We need EVERY student in Grades 2-5 to register online no later than Sunday, April 14th. Any student not registered by then will be assigned to the remaining presentation spots.

Questions about High Interest Day? Email

We are extremely excited to bring High Interest Day back to Richards! Thank you to all the parent, family, and community volunteers who are making this all possible and are excited to share their talents and knowledge. Thank you to the Richards PTO for their financial contribution and the hard work of our High Interest Day PTO Committee for their planning efforts. A special thank you to Dr. Kasmarick and Richards teachers and staff for their support.

Your PTO HID Committee: Jill Fink, Sarah Nowak, Tami Kent, Susan Stadtmueller, Caroline Schmidt, Sarah O’Shea, and Lynn Clark.

High Interest Day Course Guide For K4-First Graders

The presenters for K4-first grade students were pre-selected based on subject matter and grade level appropriateness. There is no need to register your K4-first grade child(ren) for High Interest Day.


On High Interest Day Junior Kindergarten/K4 Students will be paid a visit by Madame Jacque and her chickens!

Raising Chickens: My name is Madame Jacque and I am a 2nd grade teacher at Richards. During my session, students will learn about how to raise chickens. They will learn the parts of the chicken and they will experience handling a hen and a chick. (Grade K4)


Students in Senior Kindergarten/K5 and First Grade will get to learn about the US Forest Service, Architecture, Law Enforcement, Surgery, Fire Fighting, Magic, Baking, and Dancing!

The Wonder of Our National Forests: Did you know that you own millions of acres of the most beautiful mountains, rivers, and lakes in the world? There are over 40,000 people in the U.S. Forest Service working each day to protect these treasures for you and your family. We are firefighters jumping from helicopters to battle forest fires, biologists studying rare plants and animals, and foresters growing and taking care of trees. Come learn about your National Forests and plan your next adventure with me, Nick Pardi! (Grades K5 and 1)

LEGO Buildings: What is the tallest building in Milwaukee? How about the World? What makes up a city? How are cities built? Hi, my name is Tami Kent! I was trained as an Architect, but I also teach Legos at the JCC to kids near your age. We will have fun building LEGO skyscrapers and so much more! (Grades K5 and 1)

Northshore Police: Hi I'm Officer David Hryniewicki with the Whitefish Bay Police Department. Join me for a conversation of what police officers do, how kids can identify a police officer, what is on our duty belt and how to become a police officer (school, certifications). If there is time, I will answer your questions. (Grades K5 and 1)

What is a Surgeon? I’m Lucie Myers’ mom, Amanda Kong, who is in Mrs. Wintheiser’s K5 class. I am a surgeon at Froedtert Hospital. I can tell you about some of the interesting things I do and show you the tools I use. I love being a surgeon because every day is different just like the human body and I get to help people who present with an interesting challenge I have to fix. If you ever thought about being a doctor or a surgeon, come and join me! (Grades K5 and 1)

Magic! Hi I'm Glen Gerard and I'm a magician. I will be performing some magic, then also showing the students how to do a few tricks themselves. they will have a lot of fun! (Grades K5 and 1)

Firefighting: I'm Dan Tyk and I'm a firefighter with the North Shore Fire Department. Join me to learn about what it takes to become a firefighter (schooling, certifications, time away from our families and living at the fire station) and what a typical day is like. I'll cover some very basic fire safety, and then we'll suit up and head in to fight a (fake) fire of their own using a digital fire extinguisher simulator. (Grades K5 and 1)

Bakery and Cookie Decorating: Do you love cookies and cakes? Do you want to learn about how to operate a small business? Join me (Audrey and Ingrid Rikker's nanny) in learning about how I run my small baking business and learn the steps involved in making a decorated sugar cookie. You will decorate (and eat!) a few. If your child has a food allergy and would like to participate in the Bakery and Cookie Decorating session, please email (Grades K5 and 1)

Dance Studio: Hi, my name is Katie Holtzen! I will be briefly talking about what I do on a day to day basis including teaching, running the office, ordering items, selecting costumes, etc. I will then have a mini dance class with Music for the children. We will explore creative movement, introductory Ballet Moves and Hip-Hop moves and music. (Grades K5 and 1)

High Interest Day Course Guide For Second-Fifth Graders

Please take some time to look over the session offerings with your child(ren). Have your child(ren) indicate their top 5 session choices. Registration for High Interest Day begins Monday, April 8th. Visit to register.

Fiber Art with Alpaca Wool: Learn about Enrique the alpaca from his keeper, Betty Scanlon. Betty will walk students through what it takes to make a sweater. Starting with Enrique’s annual haircut and ending with a sweater! Children will get to see a spinning wheel in action and try out spinning with a drop spindle. (Grades 2-5)

Create a Clay Whistle! My name is David Schrupp. I will show your students how to make a clay whistle. I can do this by hand or with a Potter’s wheel. I will first demonstrate how to build a body for the whistle, then decorate it & finally make it whistle. I will have several of the students assist me. (Grades 2-5)

Love + Lift: “Be Respectful and Kind” is the Richards Way. Did you know that there are many people in our world who do acts of kindness for others every day? We are Meg Kenning and Jen Cherubini-Livingston and we will share the history of the local non-profit, Love + Lift and how we have helped many families in our local community through support and love. We will then make cards together that will be given to a child with cancer. (Grades 2-5)

Rule-Based Design Thinking & Computer Code Art: My name is Mr. Paul Mattek. I am a professional hi-tech artist and the father of K5 student June Mattek. In my presentation, students will learn to use their creativity with rules and computer code. Maybe following rules sounds boring to you, but trust me, it's lots of fun in this class because it's used to make art! Students will be able to build some artwork with their hands, as well as learn some cool designs they can make on their own with a computer! (Grades 2-5)

How It’s Made-Richards Edition: Have you ever wondered how things are made? Why are disposable water bottles made of thin, crinkly plastic? How did those ridges get in there? How does someone’s idea for a new toy go from their imagination to a toy store shelf? Jeremy Stadtmueller, William and Joe’s dad, is a Mechanical Engineer. He’s bringing a desktop 3D printer to show you how ideas become reality. (Grades 2-5)

What is an Architect?: What is Architecture? How do architects start with an idea and end with a built project? My name is Nick Kent, my daughter Emily is in 4th grade. I will talk about my role as an Architect, Educational Planner, and Partner leading my firm‘s K-12 Educational Studio to design spaces that you all as students are familiar with as you attend school everyday. (Grades 2-5)

Construction: Would you like to see what it takes to design and construct a building? My name is Brent Arnold and I work at Hunzinger Construction, my son Eli is in 3rd Grade. I will show examples of the buildings we have worked on and some really cool buildings that are Engineering/Construction Marvels from around the world. You will see photos, videos and we will do hands-on project.

What Does a Dermatologist Do?: Come learn about the fun day in the life a dermatologist, a skin doctor! Watch a demonstration of a skin removal procedure and a huge pimple get POPPED! Learn about how it feels to have a skin disease and also how to keep your skin healthy. There will also be a magic trick at the end! (Grades 2-5)

A Day in the Life of an Emergency Room Physician: I am Erik Almeida - the dad of Julia Almeida (5th grade) and Isabel Almeida (3rd grade). For the past 15 years I have worked as an Emergency Medicine (ER) Physician in Milwaukee. I get the opportunity to take care of all kinds of medical issues ranging from ankle sprains to appendicitis and even unfortunate patients having strokes and heart attacks. Please join me and learn a bit about my day to day activities - x-rays, CT scans, splints and even some devices I use for procedures. I am really looking forward to meeting with you! (Grades 2-5)

What does a Pediatrician Do?: I am Sophie Boudreau’s mom, but many of you know me as Dr. Bencik. I am a Pediatrician, which means I am a kid doctor. In our session, we will practice doing parts of a physical exam and use some of the “doctor tools” and also talk about what it means to be healthy. (Grades 2-5)

What is Orthopedics?: My name is Patrick Cummings and I’m Chloe and Emma Fink’s grandpa! We will learn about how long it takes to become a doctor and what Orthopedics is all about. There will be a chance to look and hold models of body parts, look at X-rays, Orthopedic hardware and total joints. You also will make plaster finger casts. Sign up and come have some fun! (Grades 2-5)

What is Pathology?: I am Dr. Dean Tigrani (or "Dr. T") and I am the dad of Olive, who is in 1st grade, and Lucy, who is in K4. I am a pathologist, which is a fancy word for someone who studies the human body and diseases that can happen. In this presentation, you will get to see real human organs, including the lung, heart, kidney, and even brain! You can even hold them if you want (but be gentle). Don't worry, the organs are in a sealed plastic bag and you will have gloves to wear. In some cases, you will be able to see what a normal organ looks like and then you can see one that is not normal, such as a cancer. My goal is to have fun while learning about the human body! (Grades 2-5)

Where do Mascots Come From?: At Olympus Group, we make lots of mascots, of all colors, shapes and sizes. We even have our own mascot, Ollie, who travels all around the Milwaukee area to let people know how fun mascots can be. Nancy and Ollie will come to class to meet everyone and explain what it is to be a mascot, and how we make them for our customers all over the world. Nancy will explain what it is like to be a mascot and have Ollie demonstrate some of the things he does or have the kids play along with the demonstration. Nancy is also going to bring with a range of our shoes and hands for kids to be able to try and play with. (Grades 2-5)

Bringing Concerts to Milwaukee!: My name is Doug Johnson and I will be talking about how I bring concerts, children’s shows and sporting events to Miller High Life Theatre and The UW Milwaukee Panther Arena. There will be a slide show and question and answer period. I also am the dad of Siobhan and Elijah Johnson who are in 2nd grade. (Grades 2-5)

Video Production: Learn all about what a professional Video Producer does! My name is Emmie Cerow and I am a Video Producer for GMR Marketing which is an Advertising Agency. My son Tucker is in K5. I will show some videos I have worked. You will learn about the roles and process that go into making a video. Whether it's for film, TV, YouTube or Instagram all videos follow a similar process. We will then work together to create a short video of our own! (Grades 2-5)

CrossFit Kids: Have you ever heard of CrossFit? Did you know it’s something EVERYONE can do?! CrossFit is all about getting stronger, faster, better at sports and even little things you do every day ... like carrying your heavy backpack to school! My name is Jessie Schaub! Come learn more about CrossFit Kids with fun games and workouts! (Grades 2-5)

Hula: E Komo Mai Keiki! Learn about the history of hula from William (3rd grade) and Joe’s (K5) mom, Susan. Explore hula implements used for dancing, listen to Hawaiian music, and become a haumana hula, a student of hula, when you learn two hula dances! (Grades 2-5)

Our Inner Calm and Connection: Our attention span has gone from 12 second to 8 seconds but as we enter into the Information Age, with multiple devices in our daily life. We are closer to 3 seconds. What that means is every 3 seconds a thought disrupts our focus, or concentration. How can we read a sentence or two before a thought takes over? How can we listen to your teacher before a story starts playing in our heads? Have you ever noticed how impossible it is to hold the attention of a friend before they interrupt with an idea? It time to get aware through brain exercises to grow your attention span from 3 sec back to 12 or more. My name is Mary Carroll. Join me to experience the possibilities to grow our awareness, inner calm and feeing of connection. (Grades 2-5)

The FBI and Federal Court: Ever wonder what an FBI agent really does? How about what happens to a person after they are arrested? Is what you see on TV real? Come hear Cormac (5th grade) and Sabine (2nd grade) Austin's parents talk to you about their experiences with the FBI and federal court. Ryan is an FBI special agent; he will explain what it takes to catch a criminal, let you try out some of his gear, and teach you some moves you can use to defend yourself. Katina is a federal law clerk; she will explain how the courts work and different rights people have during and after an arrest. (Grades 2-5)

What Does it Take to be a Lawyer?: When people disagree with each other, how are those disagreements decided? Some disagreements go to a Judge to decide. A lawyer helps people argue their disagreements and solve their problems. If you like to argue, or decide who is right and wrong, we will have a real case and everyone will play a role. One of you will even get to be the Judge! Learn about the jury trial and justice system, and the burden of proof. Eee what it takes to be a lawyer! With Matt Jelenchick, dad of Charlotte 5th, Henry 2nd, and Will K5, Benjamin Wagner, dad of Ella 3rd. (Grades 2-5)

How to Run a Business by Measuring Financial Results!: My name is Erin Jelenchick and I am the mom of Charlotte (5th), Henry (2nd) and Will (K5)! There are only a few jobs that are applicable to EVERY business in the world – one is accounting. Accounting is how businesses, schools and other organizations measure how they make or lose money. It is a skill that can be used in many careers – in fact many CEO/Presidents of companies have a background in accounting. To help us learn, we will practice accounting for a Pet Store to see if we make or lose money! (Grades 2-5)

How to Sell a House!: Be a Realtor for a day with Jill Fink (Chloe and Emma's mom) and special guest, Anna Franklin, from Stone House Stage & Design! Learn how to get a house ready to sell, pretend to walk through a house and talk about all things Real Estate. (Grades 2-5)

How to Set Yourself Apart and Sell More!: Do you ever have a lemonade stands in the summer? Do you sell cookies, candy or popcorn for Scouts or sports? Being creative can help you! During our time together we will have fun finding different ways for promoting and advertising what you're trying to sell! We will design a flyer or poster, write a headline to catch people’s attention and share ways you can stand out and sell more! I'm Beth Wagner and I have two kids at Richards, Maggie (5th) and Ben (3rd). I work in advertising and help people sell and promote things! (Grades 2-5)

Travel: Hi I'm Lynn Clark, my daughter Natalie is a third grader in Ms. Heyman's class. My company, Travel Leaders, has a team of 15 Travel Advisors that help people plan and expertly book their vacations so they get the most enjoyment out of them. Join me to talk about popular vacation destinations and all of the travel logistics including transportation, accommodations, activities, excursions, etc. We'll use maps and travel brochures to inspire us. (Grades 2-5)