High Interest Day Registration Form

  1. Please complete the registration form below for each of your children in grades 2-5 no later than April 14th.

  2. Provide the following information: child’s first and last name, teacher, and a parent’s/guardian’s email address.

  3. Then select the child’s top five High Interest Day session choices, in order of interest. Every effort will be made to place your child in one or more of their top three session choices. Thank you for your understanding.

  4. Click the SUBMIT button, and you’re done!

  5. Accommodations will be made for children opting out of High Interest Day activities. If your child(ren) will not be participating, please select “Opting Out” for each of the 5 sessions, and email richardsptowfb@gmail.com.

Questions about High Interest Day? Email richardsptowfb@gmail.com.

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